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Thursday, September 27, 2012

VHC has no prospects: Feb 2009 - typical basher!

VHC has no prospects: Feb 2009 - typical basher!

Chart from Feb 2009 till now: "VHC won't sign any licensing deals until the MSFT litigation is over and provided VHC wins. No one is going to pay VHC $$$ to license its patented technologies unless VHC can prove they can defend it and its worth something. All interested parties, understandably, will take a wait and see approach before committing its resources/payments. If MSFT wins, VHC will have next to nothing. If VHC wins....great....all shareholders should be very happy. But make no mistake; the company's entire future is more than likely riding on the outcome of the pending MSFT litigation."

Poster name is stock77investor

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